Beach looks

With the steaming hot temperature of the recent days, I hope you had the chance to cool down a little! Since it’s the perfect time to relax poolside or to hit the beach and jump into the waves, I rounded up a small guide of chic and practical finds for this summer.

Looking for a fab swimsuit? Try a neon-coloured bikini (see 1) that will electrify your beach look or choose a retro cut (see 12) that will look fabulous with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses (see 9) and a wide-rim straw hat (see 8).

On the beauty side, we will never mention enough to put on sunscreen with a minimum of FPS 30 (see 3) before getting exposed to the sun and to reapply after hitting the water. To sooth your skin when the day is over, put on an after-sun lotion (see 4) that will feel oh-so good and if you unfortunately have a sunburn, treat it with a instant soothing and calming gel (see 7).

Enjoy the pool or the beach!

1. Neon bikini, Ardene, $14.50 each pieces or 2/$20

2. Palm tree print top, XXI, $16.80

3. Protectly sun lotion with FPS 30, Yves Rocher, $28 at 50% off at the moment.

4. Biotherm After-Sun Oligo Thermal Milk, $35 at Sephora

5. Flip-flops, Ardene, 3/$10

6. Terrycloth dress, La Vie En Rose, $39.95

7. Korres Instant soothing gel, $49.50 at Sephora

8. Hat, XXI, $12.80

9. Sunglasses, XXI, $6.80

10. Sandals, Spring, on sale at $29.80

11. Straw bag, Naturalizer, on sale at $19.99

12. One-piece swimsuit, La Vie En Rose, $59.95


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