Spring 2012 by Axara

This week’s trend video that I’m presenting on this blog features the Product Coordinator from Axara, Sylvia Saksik. First, do you know this French brand? Created some thirty years ago in Paris by Aksel Ackay, the Axara brand is renowned for its contemporary designs which are both feminine and romantic. Other than its city of origin, you can find Axara boutiques in major cities like St-Petersburg, Bangkok, Tokyo and of course, at Complexe Les Ailes in downtown Montreal.

In the video that you will view in a few seconds, Sylvia Saksik shares with us some key trends for Spring 2012 (think fluidity, lightness and sport chic)  as well as her must have accessories for the season (again, the scarf is in!) Now, let’s get to it! Here’s the video (in French):

See you again next week for more on the trends for Spring 2012! Have a great weekend!


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