Super Fashionista campaign

Last month, I attended the very colorful photoshoot for the Spring 2011 campaign that is now displayed in Complexe Les Ailes and on the new website. Under the theme of superheroes and the artistic direction of Les Évadés agency, I was very curious to see what this shooting was going to look like. On the menu: four Super Fashionistas and one fashionable man representing four precise looks: trendy, classic, urban and glam.

The stylist, Sara Bruneau, gathered for this shoot classic as well as trendy pieces in a variety of vibrant and more sober colors from boutiques, such as XXI, m0851, BCIM, Axara, Spring, Bleu Marine & accessoires, Ardène, Mat & Co. and Tommy Hilfiger. Stripes, leather jacket, classic trench coat, little black dress, sneakers and studded stilettos, there was something for every style and budget.

On the beauty side, makeup artist and hairdresser Isabelle Lepage, assisted by Maïna Militza, had fun with pop colors on the eyelids and lips of the models. The hair is slicked back and perfectly straight, from bangs to ponytails. I really like the neon pink geometrical shape on blond model Penelope’s eyes.

In front of Martin Laporte’s lense, models get into superhero mode and take their pose, on the floor or in the air, but always in movement. The result is very dynamic and colorful and will surely grab your attention next time you stop by Complexe Les Ailes.

Can you recognize the Super Fashionistas in the pictures below?

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