Super Fashionista: Ms. Classic

Every week, I will present you one of the Super Fashionistas featured in the new Complexe Les Ailes campaign (if you haven’t seen it yet, click here!). To start, get ready for Eva, Ms. Classic!

Who is Ms. Classic? She’s a woman who has a sophisticated and elegant look and prefers classic pieces that will never go out of style instead of that trendy look of the season. You have more chance of seeing her wearing a trench coat than a studded leather jacket! She likes practical and easy-to-wear clothes that can be worn from the workplace to the happy-hour.  Can you recognize her?

On Ms. Classic’s shopping list? A well-cut blazer (essential for work), a striped knit dress (perfect for the week-end) and a pair of wedge heel sandals (for summer nights in town with the girls). Heading to a VIP soirée? A nice three-tone dress fitted at the waist. Chic!

Get the Ms. Classic look:

  1. Blouse, Jacob, $69,90
  2. Handbag, Spring, $39,99
  3. Sandals ‘Taneka’, Spring, $49,99
  4. Color blocking dress, Tommy Hilfiger, $99,99
  5. Three buttons blazer, Suzy Shier, $40
  6. Striped dress, Jacob, $79,90


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