Trend to love: leopard print

To add some bite to your wardrobe, turn once again to leopard prints, which is now established on the fashion scene as timeless and the print of choice to make some bold pairings.

Halle Berry is every bit the femme fatale in her body-hugging dress bordered with black lace from Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana while Octavia Spencer, Oscar winner for her role in The Help, chose to accentuate her all black look with a leopard print bag. Go all out with the trendy look by choosing a piece of clothing in the animal print, like this skirt from XXI (see 6) that will look fabulous with a colourful blouse. If you like leopard print, but in smaller dosage, go for accessories that have some Grrr, like a bag or shoes. And since nail art is the latest trend to try, go animal print all the way to the tips of your fingers with nail appliqués (see 2). One of my favorite finds: the turquoise dress with high-low hemline (see 3) that gives a breath of freshness to the classic brown and black print.

Trend tip: To make the transition from summer to fall, put on your leopard with burgundy shades, pieces with a military feel and camouflage prints, or with black leather.

1. Bag, Spring, $45

2. Trend trips from Sephora by OPI, $14 at Sephora

3. Turquoise dress, XXI, $29.80

4. Black and leopard print dress, Axara, on sale at $107.50

5. Shoes, Spring, $50

6. Skirt, XXI, $12.80

7. Makeup pouch, Sephora, $18


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