Stripes VS polka dots

Among all prints that you can find in your wardrobe, stripes and polka dots are probably the most popular. They rarely go out of style and they come back season after season, in tons of colors and variety, for the styling pleasure of those who love graphic lines and retro looks.

But which print do you prefer? Polka dots or stripes? Let’s have a look at what the trends are offering us for summer 2012:

Fendi, Burberry Prorsum, Giorgio Armani, these are just a few of the great international brands that played with stripes for their spring collection. The stunning Freida Pinto, who was discovered in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, wears a two piece outfit with a very interesting striped pattern. What do you think of her look? If you are not a fan of psychedelic prints, you can’t go wrong with the famous mariner’s style shirt. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, have fun with your stripes!

As for polka dots, they bring a feminine and retro touch to classic pieces, like a blazer or a blouse. Actress Jessica Alba, who keeps wearing some amazing looks recently, is very ladylike in her white dress with black dots. A perfect choice for summertime!

So, did you make a choice? Stripes or polka dots?

1. Skirt, Axara, $110

2. Polo dress, Tommy Hilfiger, $54

3. Top with exposed shoulders, XXI, $17.80

4. Bag, Spring, $40

5. Blazer, XXI, $33.80

6. Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger, $62

7. Bag, Spring, $15

8. Shoes, Spring, $50


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