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Injury Lawyers - Canada Accident Compensation

LAWYER HELPLINE: 855 804 7125

Our personal injury lawyers have a track record of successful judgements and settlements. We offer expertise that is second to none in Canada. All of our accident lawyers deal exclusively with compensation claims involving physical injury. Your accident claim will be dealt with in a comprehensive and professional manner and your confidentiality will be respected at all times. We will give you clear unequivocal advice about your chances of success and the anticipated value of your compensation claim. If after talking to our injury lawyers you decide not to take matters further you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged anything at all for our initial advice:

Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers office administration is efficient and well resourced and in particular we use 'state of the art' case management systems which ensure efficient progression of legal claims with absolutely no opportunity for a case to become lost within the system. All relevant dates are flagged and action is taken on a daily 'hot list' provided by the management program. Our lawyers don't get paid until after you receive your compensation settlement so it's in our interest to deal with the claim as quickly as possible.

Our personal injury lawyers have wide ranging knowledge and experience and are able to deal with all accident claims in Canada from simple whiplash through to brain damage and spinal cord injury including cases of wrongful death. Ensuring that fair compensation is obtained in any claim requires a close working relationship between a team of legal specialists and medical experts who are leaders in their field. We are able to call upon the services of some of the most eminent medical specialists and consultants in the country which ensures the best attention and service together with fast resolution of claims. You will receive a complete professional service from accident experts who specialize in claiming compensation for personal injury caused as a result of negligence.

If you would like to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer without obligation then just call the helpline or email our offices or complete and send the contact form and a legal expert who deals exclusively in accident claims will phone you with free advice and information on how best to preserve your legal rights to compensation for your injuries.

Time Limits

Claims in Canada must either be settled, or proceedings must have been started within the limitation period which varies dependent on location by province or by provincial statutes. There is no general overarching Statute of Limitations applicable in Canada. Guidance on limitation should be obtained from a local lawyer who is experienced in that type of civil action. Limitation periods in Canada generally vary between one year and two years for most causes of action and the limitation period is usually strictly enforced. There may be exceptions to the general rule for infants and claimants who suffer from a mental or psychological condition. Failure by an individual or by an injury lawyer to comply with the time limit can mean that the opportunity to claim compensation may have been lost forever.


A compensation award is comprised of different parts which may include the following heads of damage:


To claim compensation you usually must prove that there was blame on the part of another person which occurs when there is a breach of duty of care which results in damage. Injury lawyers must prove three negligence elements to claim compensation:-